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Marine Applications

Navigating the challenges of marine environments demands specialized expertise and equipment. At Re-Buy Equipment, our marine applications crane services can handle a wide range of tasks, including:

Boat Lifting and Placement

Whether you’re launching a new vessel or removing one from the water, our experienced, certified crane operators ensure smooth and precise boat lifting and placement.

Dockside Construction

From installing new docks to repairing existing structures, our crane services support all aspects of dockside construction, delivering efficiency and reliability in every project.

Marine Equipment Handling

Moving heavy equipment and machinery in marine environments requires careful coordination and expertise. Our certified crane operators are skilled in handling various types of marine equipment, delivering safe and efficient operations.

Signage Placement

Your signage is a vital aspect of your business’s identity and visibility. At Re-Buy Equipment, we understand the importance of precise and secure signage placement. Our crane services for signage placement include:

Installation of Storefront Signage

Whether you’re opening a new business or refreshing your storefront, our expert, certified crane operators will make sure your signage is installed securely and prominently, attracting attention and driving foot traffic.

Billboard Placement

Large-scale billboard installations require careful planning and execution. We have the expertise and equipment to handle billboard placement with precision, ensuring maximum visibility for your message.

Trust Re-Buy Equipment for reliable crane services that elevate your signage and enhance your brand’s visibility.

Structural Object Placement

Whether you’re constructing a new building or undertaking renovations, precise placement of structural objects is essential for ensuring stability and safety. Our crane services for structural object placement include:

Structural Steel Erection

Erecting steel beams and trusses requires expertise and precision. Our certified crane operators are experienced in handling structural steel components of all sizes, ensuring efficient and secure placement.

Precast Concrete Placement

Installing precast concrete elements requires careful coordination and attention to detail. We have the equipment and expertise to handle precast concrete placement with ease, ensuring a seamless construction process.

Building Material Handling

From bricks and blocks to roofing materials, we provide reliable handling solutions for all types of building materials. Our certified crane operators ensure materials are transported and placed efficiently, keeping your project on schedule and within budget.

With Re-Buy Equipment, you can trust that your structural objects will be placed with precision and care, ensuring the success of your construction project.

Utility and Light Pole Erection

Efficiently erecting utility and light poles is crucial for ensuring proper infrastructure and lighting in residential and commercial areas. Our crane services for utility and light pole erection include:

Utility Pole Installation

Whether it’s for electrical, telecommunications, or other utilities, our certified crane operators have the expertise to install utility poles safely and securely, ensuring reliable service for communities and businesses.

Streetlight Pole Placement

Proper street lighting enhances safety and visibility in public spaces. We specialize in the precise placement of streetlight poles, ensuring optimal illumination for roads, sidewalks, and outdoor areas.

Electrical Infrastructure Handling

Handling electrical infrastructure components requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Our certified crane operators are trained to handle and place transformers and other electrical equipment with care, ensuring safe and efficient installations.

Count on Re-Buy Equipment for dependable crane services that support the essential infrastructure needs of communities and businesses.

Crane Service $99 Per Hour with No Minimum Hours

Tree Placement

Enhance your landscape with expert tree placement services from Re-Buy Equipment. Our certified crane operators specialize in:

Tree Relocation

Whether you’re transplanting existing trees or adding new ones to your landscape, our certified crane operators have the skills and equipment to relocate trees safely and efficiently, preserving their health and vitality.

Tree Planting

Planting trees requires careful ball handling, and positioning. We ensure proper planting techniques to promote healthy growth and longevity for your trees.

Landscaping Support

From large-scale landscaping projects to residential garden enhancements, our crane services provide invaluable support for all your tree placement needs, helping you create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces.
With Re-Buy Equipment, you can trust that your trees will be placed with precision and care, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your landscape.

Generator & Electrical Equipment Lifting

Ensuring seamless installation and operation of generators and electrical equipment is essential for maintaining power reliability and safety. Our crane services for generator and electrical equipment lifting include:

Generator Lifting and Positioning

Whether it’s for backup power or primary electricity generation, our certified crane operators are experienced at handling generators of all sizes with precision, ensuring proper positioning and connection for reliable operation.

Electrical Equipment Handling

Moving sensitive electrical equipment requires caution and expertise. Our operators are trained to handle transformers, switchgear, and other electrical components safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage or downtime.

Power Infrastructure Support

From substation installations to transmission line maintenance, our crane services provide essential support for power infrastructure projects, helping to keep communities and businesses powered and connected.

Trust Re-Buy Equipment for reliable and safe lifting solutions that meet your generator and electrical equipment needs, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and peace of mind.

Construction & Roofing Material Lifting

Efficiently transporting and placing construction and roofing materials is crucial for maintaining project timelines and budgets. Our crane services for construction and roofing material lifting include:

Construction Material Handling

From steel beams to concrete blocks, we provide reliable handling solutions for all types of construction materials, ensuring efficient delivery and placement on the job site.

Roofing Material Placement

Whether it’s shingles, tiles, or membrane rolls, our operators handle roofing materials with care and precision, ensuring proper positioning and adherence to roofing specifications.

Job Site Logistics Support

We understand the importance of efficient logistics in construction projects. Our crane services help streamline material delivery and placement, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on the job site.
From foundation to rooftop, Re-Buy Equipment provides reliable lifting solutions for construction and roofing projects of any scale, ensuring successful project outcomes and satisfied clients.

Pool & Spa Placement

Creating the ultimate relaxation oasis requires careful planning and execution, especially when it comes to pool and spa placement. Our crane services for pool and spa placement include:

Pool Installation

From excavation to filling, our operators assist with every step of the pool installation process, ensuring precise placement and proper alignment for a beautiful and functional swimming pool.

Spa Positioning

Whether it’s an in-ground spa or a portable hot tub, we handle spa positioning with care and precision, ensuring optimal placement for relaxation and enjoyment.

Outdoor Living Space Enhancement

Beyond pools and spas, our crane services support the enhancement of outdoor living spaces, including the installation of pergolas, gazebos, and other outdoor amenities that complement your pool and spa area.

Let Re-Buy Equipment handle the heavy lifting, ensuring seamless placement and positioning for your pool and spa projects, and creating a backyard retreat that you’ll love to escape to.

Trust Re-Buy Equipment for all your crane service needs, from marine applications to pool and spa placement to heavy-duty commercial lifting needs.

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